Important news about payroll processing

In the future, all salaried employees need to contact their local HR department if they have any questions regarding their pay. However, this does NOT apply to crown servants and PhD employees, who need to contact the Payroll Office as before.

2013.02.28 | AU HR - Løn

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If you have any questions regarding your pay and you are a salaried employee, you need to contact your local HR department in the future.  If you are a public servant, a PhD employee or paid by the hour, you need to contact the Payroll Office as before.

Decentralisation of payroll processing will occur over the next month

The decentralisation of parts of the payroll processing to the HR departments will take place over the next month.   From 26 February, this will apply to Arts, Health and AU Administration.  For the main academic areas Business and Social Sciences and Science and Technology, this will apply from 22 March, the date on which payroll processing will be definitively transferred to the main academic areas.  Until 22 March, employees in the main academic areas are to contact their usual salary administrator.

Coherent procedures must be ensured

The purpose of the substantial changes in the administration of payroll for some areas at AU is to enhance the level of service, ensure coherent standards and ensure that the payroll processing take place closer to the users.  It is now the local HR departments that can assist in tasks such as new appointments and changes to employments, review of wages paid and replies to various questions regarding pay.

In the future, the employees of the Payroll Office will function as specialists whose role in relation to the entire payroll area will be to ensure coherent standards and procedures while they also process pay to crown servants, PhD employees and employees paid by the hour.


All payroll employees in the HR front offices as well as in the Payroll Office place a high priority on providing as good and professional a service as possible.  If any payroll processing irregularities should occur in the transition period, although contrary to expectations, our payroll employees will do everything in their power to get these issues sorted out as soon as possible.

Contact your local HR department

Contact the Payroll Office





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