Introduction offer for new employees

All new employees at AU can order welcome package and attend a special introduction day. International staff and their partners can also get practical assistance with their move to Denmark through the ‘Getting Started in Denmark’ event.

2013.10.25 | Jette Revsgaard

Since the launch on 1 September this year, more than 300 welcome packs have been distributed to new AU staff. The first introduction day was held in November, and participants expressed great satisfaction with the initiative – and were also delighted to have the opportunity to meet Rector Brian Bech Nielsen, who attended the event to welcome ‘the newbies’.

The introduction day and the welcome package provide a general introduction to AU and are available both in Danish and English versions.

For information on introduction days, to order a welcome pack and to sign new colleagues up for an introduction meeting, go to:

How we welcome our colleagues into our organisation is important. A proper welcome will help your new colleagues settle in and learn how we do things at AU more quickly.

‘Getting Started in Denmark’ – for staff who are new to Denmark

The ‘Getting Started in Denmark’ event is intended to welcome new international PhD students and researchers – and their partners – to Denmark. 

At the meeting, ‘new arrivals’ receive information about services and opportunities at AU, and can also register for a civil registration (CPR) number, tax card and EU residence permit.

The event is also used to distribute the welcome pack from International Academic Staff Services (IAS), which serves as s supplement to the general welcome pack that AU HR supplies to all new staff.

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