Major challenges for administrative employees

The comprehensive programme of renewing and merging the university's administrative IT systems is currently making heavy demands on the administrative employees – both back and front-office staff.

2012.10.05 | AU Kommunikation

Foto: Lars Kruse/AU Kommunikation

Their task is not being made any easier by the fact that the conversion to the new systems has resulted in many more running-in problems than we could have foreseen, especially in connection with the start of the academic year. Not only does it take a lot of extra energy to devise and introduce new routines, procedures and processes; in many cases we have had to come up with very time-consuming manual solutions to the problems.

I am well aware that very considerable efforts have gone into tackling all this, and that staff are currently working round the clock to bring the systems up to full functionality. In a number of cases, the problems have given rise to unfair criticism of the administrative employees who, in such situations, often end up being blamed for system errors and decisions made at a higher level.

On behalf of the senior management team, I would therefore like to express our heartfelt thanks for the magnificent work you have done, and which you are continuing to do.

We have set ourselves the goal of establishing a flexible administration of uniform and efficient solutions so as to create the best possible basis for our administrative routines and processes, and to ensure that you, our administrative employees, can provide the best possible service for our teaching staff, researchers, students, administrative colleagues and the world around us.

Restructuring such a large administration is an enormous task – structurally and at system level. We have gone from being an organisation consisting of many different units, all with their own routines and systems, to one that supports a unified Aarhus University.

Even though we are currently battling a range of problems, as mentioned above, I am convinced that – thanks to the excellent efforts of all administrative employees at Aarhus University – we are well on the way to achieving our goal. Once all the systems are fully up and running, our administrative setup will be clearly superior to the old one. This autumn, we will be checking up on the status of all pending projects, and I will be providing regular updates on the general situation.

Best regards,

Jørgen Jørgensen
University Director

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