New appointments as UNIvers is replaced

An experienced journalist who has worked for both the national newspaper Ekstra Bladet and Jyske Bank is to be editor-in-chief of the new AU medium which is to replace UNIvers. The job of creating the new medium starts in the New Year in collaboration with an editorial committee consisting of representatives of the staff, students and management.

2013.01.02 | Bjørg Tulinius

Photo: Lise Balsby/AU Kommunikation

In mid-January the 50-year-old journalist Lotte Bilberg will start her new job as editor-in-chief of the new, joint AU medium which is to replace the university newspaper UNIvers. A unanimous appointments committee agreed that she was the best candidate among all the many applicants for the position.

Lotte Bilberg has a degree in journalism and was a trainee at Ekstra Bladet, since when her job experience includes teaching at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, working at the newspaper Aarhus Stiftstidende, and being responsible for both internal and external communication at Jyske Bank, where she helped to develop and create a new magazine which was Denmark’s best staff magazine in 2003. In the following year it won the title of best staff magazine in the whole of Europe.

Lotte Bilberg’s first task involves planning the form and content of the new medium based on terms of reference drawn up by both staff and students, as approved by the university management in September. One of the requirements is that the work must take place in collaboration with an editorial committee consisting of representatives of the academic staff, the technical/administrative staff and the students. There will also be one representative from the management.

The work involved in drawing up these terms of reference in the spring was led by Pro-Rector Søren E. Frandsen, who is delighted that the new medium will have a sound foundation right from the outset, with both staff and students stating their preferences about the characteristics of the new medium.

“This means that the new medium is firmly anchored in the entire organisation, so hopefully everyone will feel a sense of ownership of the new newspaper. Personally I have great expectations of the new medium, with the terms of reference stating that the aim is to create a sense of identity and belonging – as well as inviting debate,” says Søren E. Frandsen.

In addition to the appointment of Lotte Bilberg as the new editor-in-chief, Marie Groth Andersen has been appointed as a journalist for the new medium. She is 30 years old and has a degree in journalism as well as a cand.public degree. Her job experience includes working at the European Parliament and Aarhus University.

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