New boom gates provide more parking spaces

As of autumn 2013, a number of boom gates should make it somewhat easier for staff and students to find a parking space in and around the University Park in Aarhus.

2013.01.29 | Kristian Serge Skov-Larsen

One of the first places to have new boom gates set up is the car park in Tåsingegade. Photo: Anders Trærup / AU Communication.

Time-limited parking was introduced along the roads in the University Park in autumn 2012, and a number of new boom gates at the entrance to designated parking areas will ensure that the car spaces are reserved for staff and students at Aarhus University.
“We’ve made a start on the work with the booms because we’ve received a number of enquiries from staff members who find it hard to find a parking space in the University Park. We’ve also gained the impression that the university’s car spaces are used by lots of people with no connection to the university. We’re therefore going to try out the car park boom gates and see whether they solve the problem,” says Deputy Director Søren Trangbæk, AU Finance and Planning, who is responsible for the new project.

First boom gates by autumn

The university’s senior management team has just approved the new parking barrier project, and the first three boom gates will be erected in autumn 2013 at the car parks in Tåsingegade, at the Victor Albeck Building, and on the corner of Nordre Ringgade and Randersvej – the Little Barnow site.
To get access to car spaces, staff and students must purchase a special device called a BoomBizz. This is a one-off payment and costs DKK 500 to cover some of the expenses involved in setting up the access control systems. The remaining costs will be covered by Aarhus University.

The best solution

“A one-off payment of DKK 500 might seem like a lot of money for some people, but we expect the project will cost the university an additional DKK 0.5 million per year until 2016. Setting up boom gates is a relatively expensive solution, but we’ve considered a number of other alternatives, all of which had drawbacks,” says Søren Trangbæk.
He emphasises that members of the Main Liaison Committee have not yet had an opportunity to voice their opinions about the parking barriers, and they will naturally be consulted before the scheme is implemented. He also explains that the trial at the three car parks this autumn will determine whether or not boom gates should be erected in other parts of the University Park.

Facts about the new boom gates

  • The booms will initially be set up in autumn 2013 at the parking areas in Tåsingegade (142 spaces), the Little Barnow site (143 spaces) and south of the Victor Albeck Building (35 spaces).
  • If the first trial is a success, more parking areas have already been designated, where barriers can be set up.
  • Staff and students have to make a one-off payment of DKK 500 for a BoomBizz to enter the closed-off parking areas. The same BoomBizz can be used at all the new parking control barriers.
  • A special permit will be available for people attending conferences and one-day events, and a solution will be found for Aarhus University’s many suppliers and visitors.
  • Boom gates have already been erected at eight locations in the University Park and in Fuglesangs Allé.
  • More information will naturally be provided once the procedure for the new boom gates and purchase of the BoomBizz devices has been determined. This will be made available at, etc.
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