New PURE courses available

PURE courses are available this autumn and winter. To begin with a number of introduction courses are offered and later more specialized courses will be available.

2013.11.13 | AU Library

The introduction courses are primarily intended for employees who register publications in PURE. The courses are not faculty specific and are open to all users who register publications – regardless whether you are registering your own publications or you are registering on behalf of one or more researchers or an entire department. The courses are open and relevant to all PURE users, regardless whether the registration assignment is new to you or you just need repetition or to be updated about procedures and work flows.

The introduction courses last 45 minutes and are offered frequently. To begin with the introduction courses are only available in Danish and only in Aarhus. Introduction courses in English and/or at other locations in Denmark can be requested by contacting

For information about course dates and place and to sign up, please visit: (in Danish only)

The specialized courses are intended for employees who either approve or validate publications in PURE. These courses will be more elaborate than the introduction courses and will be offered at faculty level in order to address issues specific to main academic areas concerning registration, approval and validation.

The course web site will be updated with specific details when the courses are offered.

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