Phased transition to new email addresses at Aarhus University

On 31 March 2014, the senior management team authorised a phased transition to new email addresses at Aarhus University, and AU IT has the technical solution which will support the implementation in place.

2014.05.09 | AU IT

The transition will take place in five phases - one for each of the four main academic areas and the administration - on the following dates:

  • 13 May, the administration
  • 26 May, Arts
  • 3 June, Heath
  • 12 June, BSS
  • 17 September, ST (ST has requested that the transition take place after the summer holiday)

The senior management team has decided that all employees must have an email address that reflects AU’s organisation. This will affect about 80 per cent of AU’s employees, who will be switching to new email addresses.

No mails will be lost as a consequence of switching to a new email address. When the new mail address is activated, all mails sent to the old address will be automatically forwarded to the new address for an indefinite period.

The new email addresses
The format for the new email addresses is: mailnavn@(unit.)

Employees may change their mail names (the part before the @) if they wish to do so. As a general rule, everyone will be assigned the same mail name they have today when the new email addresses are assigned. There may be exceptions if the mail names of employees overlap. In that case, one of the employees will receive a proposal for a new mail name.

You can change your mail name at under the menu item ‘Email addresses’.

The unit (the part after the @) in your mail name is not individual; it has been assigned on the basis of a decision made at the main academic area in question. The decision applies to all employees whose primary affiliation is to the unit in the mail name.

View the list of approved unit abbreviations here:

If you already have an email address with the authorised unit abbreviation, it will not be changed.

All new employees will be assigned email addresses based on the new format as of 13 May 2014.

You will find more information about the new email addresses at

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact your local AU IT support. Find contact information at

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