Research stories wanted for new science magazine

The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten has just launched a science magazine called Newton. The newspaper is therefore looking for good stories from researchers at Aarhus University.

2011.09.21 | AU Communication

After an absence of several years, scientific journalism has made a comeback with its own magazine in Denmark’s largest newspaper – Jyllands-Posten.

The magazine is called Newton and it is published as a supplement to the Sunday paper. It includes articles on research and knowledge in virtually all fields of science, such as technology, astronomy, history, social sciences, economics, health, psychology, etc.

– At Jyllands-Posten, we’d like to make greater efforts to help our readers learn more about the world they live in. We’re also aware that many of our readers request articles with a scientific content, says editor Klaus Dohm.

– If Newton is a success, our readers will say: ‘I got to know more’, ‘I was able to gain an added dimension to a current conflict, case or episode and put it into perspective’, ‘I’ve got a better understanding of our times because I’ve acquired new historical knowledge’, or ‘Well I’ll be darned – is that really possible?, he explains.

Newton is inspired by popular science magazines such as the international Science Illustrated and Eureka – published by the British newspaper The Times. The editorial office also purchases articles from the magazine New Scientist.

Have you got a good story?

In terms of journalism, the magazine is built up around good science stories, and Klaus Dohm therefore encourages researchers at Aarhus University to submit ideas.

These could be research results in the pipeline, especially background knowledge connected with a current event, or simply an interesting topic that has not received the media attention it deserves.

If you are enthusiastic about such ideas, write to

You are also welcome to contact the department of communication at your main academic area. The staff here can arrange contact with Newton, and they can also help put you in touch with other media. See list of contact persons (in Danish only).

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