See, touch and feel science at international festival

One of Europe´s largest science festivals takes place in The Carlsberg City District in June. Curious people of all ages are invited to `Science in The City´, where scientists from all over the world will be guiding visitors through the astonishing world of science. The festival programme has just been published.


Get a head scan in 3D, experience the culinary magic of molecular gastronomy, or board a modern research ship.

The extensive programme for the international science festival, `Science in the City´, has just been published. At The international festival, which takes place in Copenhagen, from June 21st to June 26th, visitors receive hundreds of offers from 80 event organisers from 20 countries, entirely free of charge!

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Scientists and students from more than 70 organisations from 20 countries will take part in the festival, and help make `Science in the City´ one of the major science events this year featuring events aimed at curious minds of all ages.

`Science in the City´ will be an ebullient mixture of events, experiments, art, and shows, providing participants with an opportunity to explore every corner of the fascinating universe of science.

`At Science in the City, visitors are given the opportunity of meeting Danish and international researchers, who will be talking about science in a language that anyone can understand. The festival will illustrate, how scientists at home and abroad are seeking new knowledge, in order to solve some of the huge societal challenges that we are currently faced with, such as how research and new technology can help remedy climate changes, or how research in food production can reduce food waste, and minimize environmental damage´, says Minister of Higher Education and Science, Sofie Carsten Nielsen.

The major part of the festival activities will be taking place at in the Carlsberg City District, a site which was formerly the home of the famous Carlsberg brewery, but which is now being transformed into a new, lively city district. However, there will also be activities at Amalie Kajen, by Amalienborg castle, where visitors will have a unique chance of coming aboard four research ships from Denmark, Germany and Holland.

`Science in the City´ will be taking place concurrently with Europe´s largest interdisciplinary science forum, EuroScience Open 2014, which is also located at the Carlsberg City District.



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