Shared calendar and news for all

From 3 June 2013, everyone at AU will have access to one single schedule of events and news at AU

2013.06.03 | AU Kommunikation

When you, as an employee or student go to a AU website in the beginning of June, you will experience something new: A common electronic calendar where you can advertise events at AU.

It has been a wish for a long time among staff and students to have an open, shared calendar, where users can post relevant academic events taking place at the university. This way the users can gain an overview of everything that is going on at the university. Furthermore users can help to ensure that the calendar is as comprehensive and updated as possible.

You will find the calendar in the so-called Newsroom, also a new feature on AU's web. Here you will eventually be able to get a comprehensive overview of all the news published from the university. You will also be able to follow the daily press clippings about AU, and you can read stories about university life.

Separation of announcements and news

So far, as an employee you have been able to find a mix of news and announcements on In future, the news will only be found in the new newsroom, while announcements will be lying on

The separation of news and announcements should be seen as a first step in a major overhaul of the university's web on the basis of requests from staff and students to get news and announcements separated, so it gets easier to find what you are looking for.

The conversion is a process that will run over the next six months, and it will also be implemented on

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