Soon time for 2013 pay negotiations

The annual pay negotiations will be starting in a few weeks, and the general timetable has been set. In the period 2–19 April, all staff can apply for new pay supplements.

2013.04.03 | AU Kommunikation

The schedule for salary negotiations organises the local pay negotation process which is organised by the respective managers and union representatives. Before the local negotiations begin, managers will inform all employees within their areas about the local process, e.g. deadlines for applying for a pay supplement.

Important deadlines:

2–19 April 2013: Application period

20 April–14 May 2013: Mutual preparation involving managers and union representatives

15 May–­28 June 2013: Negotiation period

From June until 6 September 2013 at the latest: Information to staff about the results of negotiations

June–September 2013: Disbursement of agreed pay increases

> For additional information about the process and timetable, and to access material for use during pay negotiations, see Pay negotiations 2013

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