Ten administrative projects in focus in 2014

On 19 March the senior management team approved a recommendation submitted by AU Administration giving top priority to ten specific administrative projects in 2014. An extra grant of DKK 12 million in 2014 will help to ensure the progress of these ten projects, which include a range of initiatives to strengthen studies administration at AU.

2014.04.09 | AU Kommunikation

Among other things, the priorities mean that the other projects in the portfolio management system at AU, comprising a total of about 85 administrative projects, can only be carried out if they do not draw on the same resources as the prioritised projects. The senior management team have not listed the ten projects in order of priority.

Prioritised projects in 2014:

  • Study progress reform
  • Institutional accreditation
  • EDDI
  • LMS
  • Digital exams
  • System for planning teaching and exams
  • Project focusing on recruiting, receiving and retaining international students on full degree programmes
  • Time planning at AU
  • PhD planner

Read more about the projects and portfolio management at AU.

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