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The members of the working groups on the implementation of the 9 March plan have been selected

The members of the working groups on the implelmentation of the 9 March report at Arts have now been selected from among over 150 student and staff applicants.



The members of the working groups on the implelmentation of the 9 March report at Arts have now been selected from among over 150 student and staff applicants.

The mandates for each working group have now been clarified; please refer to the individual groups on the working group web page for more information(in Danish only).

The members of the groups are as follows:

Study centres in Aarhus and Emdrup

Coordinator Arne Kjær, vice-dean

Academic staff

Gitte H. Ingerslev, DPU

Monica Carlsson, DPU

Tine W. Jensen, CfU

Unni From, IMV

Technical/administrative staff:

Anne Teglborg (AU Studies Administration)  - Nominated by the deputy director

Jesper Sølund Hansen, HUM secretariat.

Lisbeth Knudsen, IÆF

Morten Jacobsen, DPU


Fie Thorup, DPU, AAR

Maja Kjær Sloth, HUM

Thilde Nyborg, HUM

Internal departmental organisation (research programmes, research units/groups,)

Coordinators Troels Nørager, department  head and  Hans Siggaard Jensen, vice-dean

Academic staff

Anders Klostergaard Petersen, TEO

Andreas Roepstorff, AAL

Bjarne Wahlgren, DPU

Hans Lauge Hansen, SLK

Mikkel Thorup  Lektor, IFI

Steen Høyrup, IFL, DPU

Stefan Iversen, Nordisk

Susan Wright, IFP, DPU

Technical/administrative staff:

Dan Fog Enevoldsen, IFL, DPU

Henrik Nitschke, IFL, DPU

Pernille Ussing, ILD, DPU

Centres and the establishment of new centres

Coordinators Johnny Laursen, vice-dean for research og Jens Erik Kristensen, department head

Academic staff

Claus Møller Jørgensen, IHO

Dorthe Staunæs, IFL, DPU

Helle Vandkilde, AAL

Henrik Kaare Nielsen, IÆF

Henrik Skov Nielsen, Nordisk

Lotte Meinert, AAL

Ning de Coninck-Smith, IFP, DPU

Peter Lauritsen, IMV

Søren Bitsch Christensen, IHO

Ulrik Becker Nissen, TEO

Involvement of staff and students in decisionmaking at departmental level

Coordinators Peter Bugge, department head and Anne Marie Pahuus, department head

Academic staff

Birgitte Stougaard, IÆF

Charlotte Palludan, DPU

Jacob Engberg, TEO

Ole Morsing, IFI

Pia Bramming, IFL, DPU

Søs Bayer, IFP, DPU

Technical/administrative staff:

Anna Plaskett

Bente Jønshøj, IMV

Bente Kejser, TEO

Brian Benjamin Hansen, IFI

Nicolai Paulsen, DPU


Asger Emborg, DPU, AAR

Bjarke Aae, TEO

Peter Thuborg, HUM

Establishment of degree programme committees

Coordinators Niels Lehmann, department head and Søren Kruuse, vice-dean

Academic staff

Claus Bossen, IMV

Hans Dorf, IFP, DPU

Helle Juel Jensen, AAL

Ken Henriksen, SLK

Marianne Qvortrup Fibiger, TEO

Niels Rosendal Jensen, DPU

Pia Rasmussen, IÆF


Gerrit de Groot-Poulsen, DPU, KBH

Marc Andersen, TEO

Peter Thuborg, HUM

Logistics of physical relocation and preservation of quality of study and research environments at Aarhus campus


Ole Jensen, administration manager

Academic staff

Birte Poulsen, AAL

Bjarke Paarup-Laursen, AAL

Christina Fiig, IHO

Lisa Gjedde, IFD, DPU

Mads Holst, AAL

Mie Buhl, IFD, DPU

Peter Bugge, IHO

Sven Halse, SLK

Troels Nørager, TEO

Technical/administrative staff:

Ivy Kirkelund, IHO

Merethe Haugaard, AAL

Søren Elle, SLK

Terkel R. Sigh, (AU Studies Administration)


Helle Nissen Gregersen, HUM

Lea Rosa Kvist, TEO

Liv Luna Hjeronymus Hansen, HUM

Planning of academic and social events at departmental and faculty level for 17 June 2011

Coordinators Ole Jensen, administration manager and Steffen Brandorff, department head

Academic staff

Steffen Brandorff, IMV

Anne Marie Pahuus, IFI

Jens Erik Kristensen, IFP, DPU

Technical/administrative staff:

Ole Jensen, Arts

Focus group on communication

Coordinators Svend Aage Mogensen, head of communications and Claus Holm, vice-dean

Academic staff

Bente Elkjær, IFL, DPU

Jes Harfeld, TEO

Jody Pennington, SLK

Lone Koefoed Hansen, IÆF

Rubina Raja, AAL

Technical/administrative staff:

Bettina Houlberg, IFI

Carsten Henriksen, DPU

Pernille Thorsen, IMV

Ulrik Vosgerau, TEO


Jeppe Guldager, DPU, AAR

Kent Hansen, HUM

Ditte Brun Lauersen, TEO

The implementation groups will start working in mid-April and are expected to submit their proposals and recommendations to the dean in early June. The faculty's management will include the groups' contributions in the process of implementing the new organisation. According to plan, the final decision on the implementation of the new structure will be announced by 17 June.

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