The new name and logo of Business and Social Sciences

Read about the new name, the logo of our main academic area and the general guidelines on use of name and logo.


The new main academic area is called:

In Danish: Aarhus Universitet, Business and Social Sciences

In English: Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences


The new logo can be downloaded at (in Danish).

Hierarchy of names:

The following hierarchy of names applies to all publications:

1. Aarhus University 2. Business and Social Sciences 3. Name of department

Practical usage:

a) Logo: The new hierarchy of names means that the main academic area as well as the individual departments must always use a logo that includes the preceding organisational level(s).


b) Text: The same guidelines apply to all written materials. Business and Social Sciences as well as the individual departments must always be mentioned along with the preceding organisational level(s), distinctly and at the beginning of the text. However, this rule does not include headlines and subheads in order to avoid long and wordy sentences.

Profile text:

Business and Social Sciences is a broad business school constituting one of four new main academic areas at Aarhus University. Business and Social Sciences is the largest university unit within business and social sciences in Denmark, encompassing a wide range of academic disciplines, outstanding research environments and strong degree programmes.

Please address all your questions to:

Martin Hagelskjær Damsgaard at


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