The University International Club’s Spring Programme 2013 is out

The UIC has been welcoming internationals of foreign or Danish origin in the greater Aarhus area since 1998. We offer a place to meet, network, make friends, explore the AU and Aarhus City, and gain insight into Danish culture.

2013.01.23 | Gitte Haahr-Andersen

We have seminars aimed at staff members like the Tax seminar, understand your AU payslip, unemployment security fund, trade union, pension fund.

In two meetings we focus on what is of much concern for all parents, namely choosing the right schooling for one’s child(ren). At the first we have asked the International Schools including the gymnasium in Tilst to introduce themselves and you can meet up with them in person at UIC. At the other we pay a visit to Læsøesgades Skole, where all foreign students are starting school. We will be introduced to the whole programme for a new student and also meet some teachers.

During other weeks we will visit some of the museums in the University Park and the newly officially opened AU iNANO House.

Cultural focus this semester will be on the Law of Jante, Piet Hein, comtemporary dance in Vietnam and Danish and the languages of the World. Not to mention a seminar about “Challenges of multicultural couples”.  – And at the end we invite you to have your lunch by participating in the International Pot-luck closing the Spring Programme, it is always an enjoyable and tasteful event!

For most of the events you can just turn up; to note exceptions and keep updated visit Perhaps make it a habit to do regularly, so that you also see news about the UIC Dinner Club, UIC PlayGroup, Board Games Event, language training and more. To receive news and information about what is going on in the UIC and in the greater Aarhus area, you can sign up for our Monday Mail and weekly newsletter (sent out every Thursday). Here we also provide updates to our events and a broad scope of useful information, ideas and recommendations for what to do in and around Aarhus.

Everyone is welcome, whether just for one event or if you wish to join in on a regular basis. Or any other information we will gladly assist you.

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