Internal news from the Faculty of Arts

2021.03.29 | Arts

Gradual and partial reopening after Easter

22 March, the government presented a framework agreement for the reopening of Denmark. This means that students will be able to return to campus to some extent.

2021.03.04 | Arts

Exploratory discussions about internal organisation

Faculty management team invites exploratory discussions about potential changes in internal organisation at the faculty

2021.03.04 | Arts

Greetings from the dean

Dean Johnny Laursen writes to students and staff about the current challenges.

2021.02.15 | Staff

Student wellbeing during the corona pandemic

The Faculty of Arts wants to inject new life into its student clubs and societies. The aim is to help ensure student wellbeing not only now, but also after the pandemic. The faculty has appointed a wellbeing coordinator who will work with the students to give these activities a boost.

2021.01.25 | For teachers at the Faculty of Arts

Online teaching up to and including Easter

How do we respond to the extension of the online teaching at the faculty of Arts? Read Niels Lehman's additions to the message from the senior management team.

2021.01.13 | For teachers at the Faculty of Arts

New timetabling system from spring 2021 onwards

The timetables for the spring 2021 were made available in December 2020 in MyTimeTable. MyTimeTable is a new timetabling system that replaces the previous Timeplaner. You can log onto and find guidelines to MyTimeTable on the teaching portal.

2020.12.18 | Arts

Happy holidays from the dean

Dean Johnny Laursen sends a christmas greeting to all staff and students.

2020.12.03 | Arts, Administrative conditions

Information about using classrooms in the spring of 2021

At some point during the course of week 50 (7-13 December), the timetables for the spring semester will have been adjusted and finalised. These timetables will be published for students and staff on 18 December. The faculty management team has decided how the use of classrooms should be prioritised after week 50.

2020.11.13 | Arts

The dean comments on covid-19, planning our teaching, and #MeToo.

Dear staff I don’t imagine many of you have been lying awake at night recently, wondering when I would issue my next newsletter. But even so, there might be couple of people out there who have noticed an uncharacteristic silence on my part. The reason why I’ve been so quiet is that I feel you’ve had plenty of other urgent issues to…

2020.10.14 | Staff

Infection rate among Arts students

Follow the development in the COVID-19 infection rate among students at the Faculty of Arts.

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