Internal news from the Faculty of Arts

2020.10.13 | Staff

Virtual meetings and conferences at Arts

As a result of COVID-19, there has been a greater focus on virtual meetings and conferences. At the Faculty of Arts, we are also beginning to see how meeting and conference organisers can get the most out of the online format.

2020.07.03 | Arts

Summer message from Johnny Laursen

The dean hopes that all students and staff have a great summer holiday.

2020.06.30 | Arts

The faculty’s strategy and the schools’ strategies are now approved

The faculty management team at Arts has just adopted a new strategy for the Faculty of Arts, and the School of Communication and Culture, the School of Culture and Society, and the Danish School of Education have adopted new strategies for the period 2020-2025.

2020.06.04 | For teachers at the Faculty of Arts, Arts

Practical organisation of teaching in Autumn 2020

The Faculty of Arts is now working on the specific and practical organisation of the teaching in the autumn of 2020.

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2020.05.29 | Arts, For teachers at the Faculty of Arts

The faculty of Arts is sticking to the exam plans that have already been announced

To avoid any further uncertainty about exams during the corona crisis, and to ensure that the students now do the exams for which they have been preparing over the past couple of months, the faculty is sticking to the exam plans that have already been announced during phase two of the reopening process.

2020.05.20 | Arts

The Advisory Board replaces Sandbjerg Estate with New York, Dublin and Oxford

On Monday, May 18, the faculty management experienced that Arts' Advisory Board members could easily provide useful advice and recommendations for both the faculty’s and the departmemt’s strategies digitally.

2020.05.15 | Arts, For teachers at the Faculty of Arts

Information to teachers, examiners and students about Arts and phase 2 of the reopening of Denmark

Phase two of the reopening of Denmark has given us an opportunity to resume some of the physical activities at the faculty. For universities, this reopening is unfortunately just a small door that has been pushed ajar, but the opportunities this gives us are nevertheless very welcome.

2020.05.14 | Arts, For teachers at the Faculty of Arts

Newsletter from the Dean

Dean Johnny Laursen writes about the gradual reopening of Denmark and today’s announcement from the university senior management team: A new plan is now in place for what we can expect at Arts in the near future.

2020.04.28 | Staff

Delivery of library materials in PDF format

For the rest of the COVID-19 lockdown period students and employees at Arts and Aarhus BSS can order PDF copies of physical library materials from the Royal Danish Library’s collections.

2020.03.31 | Arts

Newsletter from the Dean

Dean Johnny Laursen sends his warm greetings to both staff and students and thanks them for the great efforts they are making under these undeniably difficult circumstances.

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