Internal news from the Faculty of Arts

2015.08.24 | Arts

Welcome to the new semester

A new group of freshmen are on their way. Dean Johnny Laursen looks back at the summer and gazes into his crystal ball. What lies in store for the faculty’s staff and students in the autumn semester?

2015.06.22 | Staff

New names at the Faculty of Arts

Following a series of local processes, the new names for the schools at the Faculty of Arts have now been finalised. Two schools are changing their Danish names, and all three schools are changing their names in English.

2015.06.08 | Arts

Noise and mess in the Nobel Park library this summer

The library in the Nobel Park is going to be a noisy and messy place from 15 June onwards owing to building work, and the reading room in the basement is going to be closed all summer. But let’s look on the bright side: by the time the new semester starts, the library is going to be a brighter and livelier place to read and study.

2015.05.26 | Arts

Johnny Laursen appointed dean of the Faculty of Arts

The dean looks forward to continuing the faculty's academic development in collaboration with staff and students.

2015.04.29 | Staff, Arts

Academic Council makes recommendations for MSO professorships

The Faculty of Arts has received 71 applications for MSO professorships. The Academic Council and representatives of the school research committees have now assessed these applications, and the next stage will take place at school level.

From the left: Claus Holm (head of school), Lone Iversen (chief advisor), Jan Ifversen (vice-dean), Professor Janis Jefferies, Niels Lehmann (head of school), Professor Niels Christian Nielsen, Johnny Laursen (acting dean), Dinna Sigaard Bruun Hansen (advisor), Arne Kjær (centre director), Marianne Ping Huang (vice-dean), Professor Sheila Anderson, Mette Bader (executive secretary), Bjarke Paarup (head of school), Fred de Vries (policy advisor), Professor Christoph Lindner, Aske Sløk (advisor), Anne Marie Paahus (vice-dean), Prof. dr. Wiljan van den Akker.

2015.04.28 | Staff

Faculty of Arts in an international perspective

A visit by the faculty’s advisory board on 16-17 April 2015 gave the faculty an international perspective on the current challenges resulting from the government’s degree programme resizing initiative as well as the process of reorganising the faculty.

2015.04.15 | Staff


The Research Support Office invites Aarhus University staff members to three different Horizon 2020 events that focus on writing professional and competitive project applications. The events take place on 3–4 June 2015.

2015.04.15 | Education

Faculty of Arts ready for annual quality review of all degree programmes

Following pilot evaluations of the music and digital design programmes, the faculty is now ready for the annual quality review of all its degree programmes. The annual review will be used at what are being called “theme days” focusing on the quality of the faculty’s degree programmes this autumn.

2015.03.27 | Arts

Summer party at the Faculty of Arts

It’s time to make a note in your diaries: this year’s summer party is to be held on Friday 19 June. More details will be released in April.

2015.03.16 | Arts

Review of degree programmes at the Faculty of Arts: What do our schools think?

The schools at the Faculty of Arts are considering a variety of options to ensure that their degree programmes are based on a sound financial footing when the government’s resizing initiative takes full effect. These options include merging certain degree programmes, reducing drop-out rates and simplifying administrative procedures.

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