Internal news from the Faculty of Arts

2015.03.18 | Research


Researchers from the Faculty of Arts are taking part in a new, interdisciplinary research collaboration called “The Maasai Mara Science and Development Action” at the Interdisciplinary Center for Organizational Architecture (ICOA).

2015.02.11 | Research

Invitation to Arts researchers: Present your research at Festival of Research

We need your research, your experience and your ideas in this year’s theme: TECHNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE

[Translate to English:] Nina Javette Koefoed
Per Stounbjerg

2015.02.04 | People

New chair of the Academic Council at the Faculty of Arts

The Academic Council at the Faculty of Arts has appointed Nina Javette Koefoed as its new chair

2015.01.30 | Staff

Scan the QR code and see if the room is booked

QR codes in all classrooms will enable you to see when each room is booked - and by whom. This will help prevent any misunderstandings and problems with double bookings.

2015.01.29 | Arts

New English names at the Faculty of Arts

Sections will be called departments, and departments will be called schools.

2015.01.08 | Arts

Happy Christmas from Johnny Laursen

Season’s greetings to staff and students from the acting dean of the Faculty of Arts.

Johnny Laursen, the acting dean of the faculty.

2014.12.18 | Arts

Decision regarding the internal organisation of the Faculty of Arts

The faculty will continue to be organised in the same three large departments, with sections being the organisational points of focus.

2014.12.10 | Buildings

Book rooms through your studies secretary

In the wake of the process of organisational restructuring, with the StudiePlan office being partially dissolved and staff being transferred to the faculties and the central administration, the procedure used by academic staff to book rooms for teaching is now being changed as well. Until now teachers have booked teaching rooms by sending a mail…

2014.12.01 | Administrative conditions

Results from AU election 2014

2014.11.27 | News from the management

AU will advertise for a new dean of Arts next spring

Rector Brian Bech Nielsen has decided that Johnny Laursen should remain acting dean of Arts, until the process of reviewing and adjusting the internal structure of the faculty has been completed.

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