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Diversity committee at the Faculty of Arts has been established

At a constituent meeting on 28 May, Dorthe Staunæs was elected chair of the new diversity committee at the Faculty of Arts.

2019.05.31 | Ulrik Albert Vosgerau

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The diversity committee at the Faculty of Arts will begin its work after the summer holiday, but a constituent meeting was held on 28 May where Professor Dorthe Staunæs from the Danish School of Educationwas elected chair of the committee. Dorthe Staunæs also represents the Faculty of Arts on Aarhus University’s diversity committee together with the Head of the School of Culture and Society, Bjarke Paarup.

“It’s very satisfying that the management at Arts has taken the initiative to establish a committee for diversity and gender equality, and that the terms of reference encourage committed cooperation with management and employees. The universities need to include diversity in relation to career paths, recruitment and talent scouting. There is also a need to review representation, privileges and gender and colour blindness when it comes to organisation, work environment and culture. The committee members and I look forward to contributing to the diversity and gender equality work at Arts in other ways than doing paperwork. Through knowledge-based initiatives and tools, we hope that we can help gear Arts’ diversity policy and practice for the future and contribute to a sustainable AU that doesn’t let any potential go to waste,” says Dorthe Staunæs. 

The committee will help the faculty management team to improve the faculty’s gender balance and diversity in general, as well as helping to develop an inclusive and attractive culture in the workplace. 


The diversity committee at the Faculty of Arts consists of: 



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