Information for the teaching staff at the faculty of Arts in connection with Covid-19

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Handling of infection among students

Teaching in the spring semester 2021

Online classes until the end of March

26 February 2021

As a general rule, classes at Aarhus University will be taught online until 5 April.


In-person classes only in exceptional cases

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has made it clear that exceptions to the online-only policy may only be made in isolated, exceptional cases, such as in connection with clinical, lab and workshop-based instruction. Any exceptions to the online-only policy will be made by agreement with your immediate supervisor.

Online/remote teaching

18 January 2021

Here, we have gathered links to pages with information and guidance on how you can change the traditional classroom teaching to other learning formats and forms of teaching.

Lecture participation in the spring 2021

18 december 2021

Since the spring classes are affected by the risk of quarantine for both students and teaching staff, it has been decided that the attendance requirement in connection with classroom participation does not apply in the spring of 2021.

Instead, students must meet the requirements for classroom participation by taking part in the activities set by you cf. the curriculum. You must inform your studetns about how to meet the requirement for participation at the start of the course.

Division into classes

14 January 2021

Due to the current coronavirus restrictions, it will not be possible for students to apply to change or swap classes in spring 2021.


Converting exams that take place before 1 May

Exams held before 1 May at the Faculty of Arts have been converted into off-campus exams. 

The list below shows you the exams which will be affected in this way, and what the alternative form of exam will involve.

You will find guidelines for exams that have been converted into online exams in our guide to online exams.

NB: The description applies to all ordinary exams and re-examinations, unless specified otherwise under the course title. Check your exam timetable for specific exam dates.

Course title Academic regulations Description of exam
Political and economic sociology Bachelor’s supplementary subject in sociology 2020 The exam will take place on Zoom. The exam description remains unchanged – see your academic regulations.

Exams held with physical attendance

Guidelines if you are to attend an exam on campus

12 January 2021

Examiners and any external examiners will be notified directly about how they should behave in connection with an exam with physical attendance.

Students are informed in a email sent via Digital exam the week before the exam.

Students who are to take an exam with physical attendance have been encouraged to take a Covid-19 test before the exam.

If you or your co-examiner are unable to conduct exams in person as a result of self-isolation

If you, as an examiner, need to be in self-isolation during the exam period, you must notify UVAEKA as soon as possible. If it is possible to convert the exam into an online exam, we will inform the students that their exam will be taking place online. In cases where it is academically assessed that the exam cannot be put online without further changes, the exam cannot be converted into an online exam and the students will need to take the re-examination without using an examination attempt.

It is possible for co-examiners to participate virtually if they are in self-isolation.

If students are prevented from turning up at an exam with attendance

Students who are infected with Covid-19 or are in self-isolation as a result of suspicion of infection and cannot turn up for an exam, will have the opportunity to be registered for the re-examination without using the attempt at the ordinary exam.

Online exams

16 December 2020

Oral exams via Zoom

Examiners are responsible for creating exams (in the form of a meeting) in Zoom and then sharing the links with UVAEKA, who will upload them to the Digital Exams system.

You must also state a phone number on which you can be contacted if there is a systems breakdown. If you do not want to state your (private) cellphone number, you can redirect calls to your AU landline – see guidelines

The examiner, co-examiner and student(s) all access the virtual exam room via the link in the Digital Exams system.

Guides - oral exams in Zoom and Black board:

More information:

What do I need to instal on my computer?

You must instal both Zoom and Skype for Business on your computer/tablet before the exam. The exam will normally take place in Zoom. But if there is a systems breakdown, Skype for Business can be used as a backup. So it is vital that you have installed both platforms on your computer/tablet.

Systems breakdowns

What must the examiner do?

  • If there is a systems breakdown before or during an exam, the student must contact you by phone. The phone number can be found in the Digital Exams system under the exam in question.
  • You should then try to re-establish a connection via Zoom. If Zoom still does not work, you must try to establish a connection via Skype for Business instead.
  • If it proves impossible to establish a connection within five minutes, you must terminate the exam and contact the student by email or phone to arrange a new time for the exam, if possible.
  • It is your decision as examiner whether an exam should be terminated.
  • If you experience systems breakdown, please note it as part of your exam notes in a way that allows you to reproduce the event in any later examination appeal.
  • If the exam is terminated owing to a systems breakdown, this will not be regarded as a failed attempt to pass it. This is the case whether the breakdown occurs before or during the exam. And it does not matter whether the breakdown is due to the student’s system or the system used by the examiner/co-examiner.  The student is not required to produce evidence of any systems breakdowns occurring either before or during the exam.

Systems breakdowns during a group exam

If, during a group exam, system failure occurs with one of the group's members and it is not possible to restore the connection (see instructions above), the exam is terminated for all members of the group. The examiner will then contact the group members to schedule a new time for the exam.

How to resume an exam if the breakdown happens, after the exam has started

  • If the exam consists of an oral exam with preparation (e.g. 30 minutes of preparation and 30 minutes of examination), the student must draw up a new exam question for the next exam.
  • If the exam consists of an oral exam with 24, 48 or 72 hours of preparation, the following options are available:
    • If the exam cannot be completed on the same day, the student must draw/be given a new question
    • If the exam cannot be completed within the planned exam days, the student will have direct access to the re-examination.
  • If the student has submitted a written product (e.g. an assignment, outline or synopsis) and is to be examined on the basis of this, it is your decision as examiner whether the exam can be resumed where the interruption took place, or whether the oral part of the examination is to start from the beginning.

Rules for online/virtual oral exams

An exam can only be conducted if both your and the student’s computer/tablet have access to a video connection via a webcam.

The examiner can ask that students identify themselves with their student ID card (or another valid photo ID) before the exam starts.

If the student has invited anyone else to attend the exam, they must be visible in the background throughout the entire exam. You may decide to start by asking for a 360-degree panorama of the room with the student’s webcam to ensure that:

  • There are no aids in the room (notes, works of reference etc.), if the exam in question does not permit the use of aids.
  • The screens of any tablets, cellphones and other devices which could be used to communicate with third parties are placed on the table facing downwards. 

Rules for group exams

Aarhus University recommends that groups comply with the guidelines issued by the health authorities and keep their distance by taking part in exams separately using their own computers/tablets. The examiner is not responsible for ensuring that students comply with the university’s recommendations.

Rules for recording oral online exams 

Audio and/or video recordings of oral online exams are not permitted, unless they are part of the exam process (cf. section 4 subsection (5) of the Danish Examination Order).

If you discover that audio or video recordings of the exam are being made, you must ask the student to stop doing this. If students fail to comply with this request, you must terminate the exam without an assessment, and this will be regarded as a failed attempt to pass the exam in question.

If you suspect that a student is cheating

If the examiner and co-examiner discover that a student has brought aids which are not permitted with them, or infringed against the guidelines relating to cheating in exams in any other way, they must inform the student after the exam that a report regarding possible cheating will be submitted. The grade should be discussed in normal fashion, but it should not be announced. The normal procedures for reporting any suspected cheating at exams should be observed.

More information and guidelines about online exams

This is where you will find:

  • General information about online exams
  • Information about workshops
  • Information about synchronous exams (online oral exams/oral exams via Zoom)


How will doing oral exams via Zoom affect my exam timetable?

The staff responsible for administering exams will discuss the number of exams per day and the number of exam days with each examiner.

Master's Theses

Students that are prevented from working on their thesis as a result of Covid-19

18 December 2020

If students experience academic challenges that prevent them from working on their Master's thesis as a result of the Covid-19 shutdown of the country, they need a confirmation from their supervisor to be able to apply for dispensation to postpone their submission deadline.

If a Master's thesis student has academic challenges as a result of the shutdown, please complete the form Confirmation by supervisor* in dialogue with the student. As supervisor, you do not need to consider other matters than the academic ones.

Students find information on the study portal page with Corona information.

* If you are going to be using the signature feature, you must open the document in Adobe. If this does not happen automatically, and you cannot switch to Adobe immediately, you can save the document, right-click the saved document, select ' Open with ' and select Adobe.

Need help?

Arts IT

If you experience technical problems in Zoom, such as the problem with login or problems with sound or picture, please contact Arts IT at 8715 0911.

Study Centre Arts

If you have any questions about your exam, or if you are in doubt as to whether your form of examination has changed, you can write to the Study Centre Arts.

Acute questions

If you experience any acute problems in connection with your online exam, please call your exam team. You can find their telephone number in the Digital exam system.