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Awarding the title of honorary professor/associate professor at the Faculty of Arts

Pursuant to the ministerial order on conferment of the titles honorary professor and honorary associate professor, and subject to the rector’s delegation of the competence to award such honorary titles, the dean may award the titles honorary professor and honorary associate professor.

These titles can be awarded to:

  1. Respected researchers who a school wishes to honour with such titles, thereby strengthening their affiliation with the school.
  2. People who are not respected researchers but who have qualifications of a high academic level and with whom a school wishes to have a stronger affiliation.

The title honorary professor/associate professor is awarded for a period of no more than five years. On the expiry of a period such titles can be awarded again following a new honorary award process.

These are honorary titles, and there is no remuneration. Honorary titles do not generate any academic credit and rights apart from those possessed by the person concerned at the time the titles were awarded.

Honorary professors/associate professors will normally perform the following tasks:

  • participation in research partnerships with researchers at the school
  • lectures/conferences
  • teaching/PhD supervision when relevant
  • participation in assessment committees
  • contributions to recruitment when relevant

Guidelines for awarding the titles honorary professor and honorary associate professor at the Faculty of Arts (pdf) (October 2015, rev. November 2015)



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