Coronavirus : useful links for staff

Coronavirus : useful links for staff gives you an overview of the most important web pages with staff information. Stay updated on the page and through the information you get from your immediate supervisor.

The page is updated regularly.

If you do not find an answer to your specific questions here, please contact your immediate supervisor.

Teaching and exams

Technical support for distance learning / Wiseflow

Technical IT support: or tel.: 8715 0933

Opening hours are  8 - 18.30 from Monday to Friday and 8 - 14 on Saturday.

If you have any questions on technical support, please contact Head of IT Andreas Stilling Heuwinkel.

Aarhus BSS task force on study-related matters

The purpose of the task force is to ensure a joint coordination and communication across the school in relation to the many study-related questions that arise because of the coronavirus situation, the physical closure of AU and the consequences thereof.

How to contact the Aarhus BSS taskforce

The directors of studies gather academic/department specific questions from their own departments and forward the questions to either Lars Esbjerg ( or Carsten Jensen (

If you have any administrative questions, please contact either Head of Studies Administration Anni Langberg ( or Head of Administration Anne Bækby (

If you have any other questions regarding the above, please contact Margrethe Vejs-Petersen (


The press

All press enquiries must be forwarded to Head of Communications Aase Bak.