Coronavirus : useful links for staff

Coronavirus : useful links for staff gives you an overview of the most important web pages with staff information. Stay updated on the page and through the information you get from your immediate supervisor.

The page is updated regularly.

If you do not find an answer to your specific questions here, please contact your immediate supervisor.


Technical support for distance learning / Wiseflow

Technical IT support: or tel.: 8715 0933

If you have any questions on technical support, please contact Head of IT Andreas Stilling Heuwinkel.

Disinfection of classrooms/lecture theatres

All rooms will be cleaned once a day, but the lecturer as well as the students are responsible for disinfecting the rooms before they leave.

The lecturer is responsible for initiating the disinfection process.

As a lecturer, you must therefore do the following when you have completed your teaching:


  1. Start by disinfecting your hands before touching the disinfection equipment. There will be both disinfection spray and disinfection equipment available in the room.    
  2. Disinfect the tables and chairs (not fabric surfaces) that you have used yourself. Remember to disinfect all contact surfaces (table edges, underneath the table, armrests, etc.) Use the disinfectant spray for all surfaces. Leave the surface moist but not wet.
  3. Inform the students that they must disinfect their tables and chairs following the same guidelines.
  4. Initiate the disinfection of all other contact surfaces (hand railings, door handles, sockets) either by you or the students.
  5. Leave the room tidy - do not leave trash, paper, etc. on the tables.

How to handle distancing requirements?

Before the start of the semester, all lecture theatres and classrooms were inspected and dimensioned so that they fit the number of students attending the physical classes in the room in question.

In each classroom and lecture theatre, you will find an overview of how the students should be seated depending on whether you are teaching a fixed group of students (permanent classes), a joint lecture, etc. The students are responsible for familiarising themselves with the seating overview. Find out more about the local guidelines at your department by contacting the head of department secretariat.

Remember that as a rule, there should be a two-metre distance between you and the front row of students.

If you find that there are too many students in the room or that the students are sitting too close together, it is your responsibility as a lecturer to interrupt the teaching.  If this happens, you must inform your head of department and director of studies.

Aarhus BSS task force on study-related matters

The faculty management team has decided to reactivate the task force for study-related matters as of 26 August 2020, as recent developments have resulted in new study-administrative issues that require coordination at school level.

The responsibility of the task force is to discuss, coordinate and communicate across the school on relevant study-related matters and questions arising from the coronavirus emergency response procedures.

The task force is not a decision-making body but will to a relevant and necessary extent present cases to the faculty management team, who must then make a decision.

If you have any enquiries regarding the above, please contact Fatos Kutllovci

The composition of the task force for study-related matters:

  • Vice-dean for education Per Andersen
  • Directors of Studies Lars Esbjerg and Carsten Jensen
  • Head of the Studies Administration Anni Langberg
  • Head of Department Secretariat Anja Zimmerdahl
  • Head of Communications Aase Bak
  • Head of IT Services Andreas Heuwinkel
  • Adviser Fatos Kutllovci, the Dean's Office


Oral Exam via Zoom

Online oral exams are conducted through the video meeting platform Zoom.  

Here are the most important links where you can find information:

Technical IT support: or tel.: 8715 0933

Library service

Opening hours and digital library services

The AU libraries are open. Please note that AU Library consists of several libraries and that stays in the AU libraries must take place in accordance with the authorities' recommendations. You must therefore follow the recommendations in the relevant library to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

Please note that you still have access to a large amount of electronic resources via You also have free access to a number of resources from different publishers, who have made their materials available free of charge for a limited period of time.

Feel free to contact the library if you need help.