Extension of PhD programmes

Regarding requests for extension of PhD programmes or appli-cations for exemption due to COVID-19.

AU has decided on a joint procedure for handling the challenges students are facing in relation to completing their PhD projects as a direct consequence of COVID-19, including the physical lockdown of AU.    

Before submitting a request for an extension of the PhD programme or an exemption to the PhD school, contact your main supervisor for a discussion of how your PhD plan can be adapted so that your PhD study can be completed on time.

As described on the official AU Corona FAQ for PhD students, you should discuss if alternative solutions can be found for e.g. problems whit data collection, cancelled / postponed courses and / or canceled or interrupted environmental change stays.

If it is not possible to find alternative solutions, you are welcome to contact the PhD school.

All inquiries are processed according to an individual and specific assessment based on a reasoned request.

As always, a request for an extension or exemption must be justified and specifically describe why alternative solutions are not possible and state what is requested.

The application must be supported by your supervisor and send to your programme chair who will forward it to the PhD school.