Are you and your colleagues ready for a BSS football tournament?

All departments, the administration, and the Dean’s office at BSS are invited to take part in a newly founded football tournament in September.

2013.05.15 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

A football tournament at BSS is underway, and all departments, the administration, and the Dean’s office are invited to join. The tournament will probably be held on Saturday September 28, hopefully in good weather and at the small field in the University Park’s southwestern corner.

It takes 7 persons to form a team, and if more players are interested, it is possible for two teams to sign up from one unit. How the tournament will be arranged depends on the number of teams, but the plan is to let the 2x10-minutes long matches be played in pools, with subsequent semifinals and final. In addition to the honor, the winner will bring home a trophy that is yet not found.

Fun across the Faculty

"We want to create a little fun across the Faculty," says the man behind the concept, head of secretariat Henrik Friis Bach from the Department of Political Science and Government. The idea was born in the third half of the football match played by researchers from Law and Political Science and Government earlier this month.

"The lawyers felt it was a long time to wait until next May and would like to play again earlier. We thought it could be great fun to arrange an event that could bring people together from the whole Faculty," Henrik continues.

One of the main reasons for the concept is to spend some amusing time together. Therefore, a third half is planned for when the tournament matches are completed. Spectators will probably also get the opportunity to buy beer and hot dogs while cheering their teams all the way to the final. All in all, the stage is set for a festive event, and hopefully a lot of staff at BSS will take part – either as players or as spectators.

Do you want to join the game?

If you want to join your colleagues and fight for the right to be the Faculty's best football team, then please contact your head of secretariat, who will then sign up the team. Please do so before the summer holidays, so Henrik Friis Bach can be able to move on with the planning.

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