Back to campus - how have the students been prepared?

Aarhus BSS is now reopening the physical teaching on campus. Here you’ll get an overview of how the students have been prepared for the reopening, which services they are offered, and where they can find more information.

2020.08.24 | Sinne B. Jakobsen

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Communication with students:

  • All new and returning students have received a flyer with guidelines and precautions in connection with the reopening (read the flyer).
  • The study portals and the FAQ for students at Aarhus BSS will be continuously updated with the latest information on the COVID-19 situation.
  • All important information concerning teaching and COVID-19 will be distributed via Blackboard

Information on campus:

  • At all physical entrances and at important contact points on campus, there will be information about the five general pieces of advice from the Danish Health Authority.
  • Each classroom and lecture theatre will contain an overview of how the students should be seated to meet the distancing requirements.

What should students do if they have tested positive?

Students who have tested positive for COVID-19 are encouraged to notify the Studies Administration by filling out a special form. In this connection, the school has established a COVID-19 response team, which will be handling possible cases of COVID-19 among students. The task force is also responsible for notifying the departments, who will then notify the individual lecturer.

Additional student services:

  • Students who are unable to attend classes at campus in person due to matters directly related to COVID-19 can apply for an academic assistant who will help them keep up with their coursework.
  • Students who are in the high-risk group or who are nervous about having to attend on-site classes can contact the Student Counsellors' Office to talk about their options.
  • All teaching activities will be streamed in order to accommodate students who are following classes from home. Read more about the streaming solution on the staff portal and in this article.
  • The library, Student Counsellors' Office, IT Support and other student services are manned, but the physical opening hours may be limited and the students may have to book an appointment. This will be stated in the student FAQ.
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