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Would you like to get inspiration for your teaching and exchange experiences with colleagues across the school? Then come along to the Centre for Teaching and Learning’s (CUL) inspiration days, which are held twice a year. The next event will be held on 23 May and will focus on how best to organise your teaching for students coming straight from upper secondary school.

2019.03.22 | Sinne B. Jakobsen

Photo: Mathias Elmose


The good lecture, types of examination and organising classroom instruction... These are just a few of the topics that lecturers at Aarhus BSS have focused on at CUL’s inspiration days, which are held twice a year - next time on 23 May.

At CUL’s inspiration days, lecturers and others interested from across the school gather for a morning of academic presentations from their colleagues, exchange of experiences and dialogue. The topics are wide ranging, but they are all centred around the everyday lives of the lecturers, says Centre Director Torben K. Jensen:

Carsten Bergenholtz, associate professor (MGMT)


“For me, good teaching is built on evidence-based knowledge of what works. CUL’s inspiration days give me great opportunity to exchange experiences with other lecturers and hear about evidence-based studies. This helps me strengthen my own teaching.”

“Hopefully, the participants leave the inspiration day full of good ideas and tools they can use in their own teaching. Most speakers are lecturers working on exciting initiatives that others can learn from. In that way, all lecturers will benefit from the great ideas for teaching - regardless of academic background.”

Inger Mørch Hauge, programme coordinator (BTECH)


“It’s always inspiring to hear about the newest initiatives within teaching and how others at Aarhus BSS approach things. The inspiration days are also a really great opportunity to strengthen your network across the two campuses.”


Info on the next inspiration day

The next inspiration day will take place on 23 May. Here, you can learn more about how best to organise your teaching to accommodate students coming straight from upper secondary school.

Among the speakers, you will find Associate Professor Peder Østergaard from the Department of Economics and Business Economics and Elsebeth Austin, the rector of Hjørring Gymnasium. The day will end with a bite to eat and time to network with your colleagues.

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