BTECH gets its own PhD programme

The Department of Business Development and Technology in Herning now has its own PhD degree programme. Thus the department now offers a complete portfolio of research-based degree programmes in line with the school’s other departments.

2019.09.03 | Sinne B. Jakobsen

BTECH in Herning now offers its own PhD programme. Photo: AU Foto,


From now on, all six departments at Aarhus BSS offer subject-specific research programmes to talented students. At the Department of Business Development and Technology (BTECH), a new PhD programme has just seen the light of day, and this is an important step for the department, says Head of Department Anders Frederiksen:

“At BTECH, we have long wished to be able to offer our own PhD degree programme in line with the other departments at the school,” he says. “Now, we have succeeded, and this shows how far we have come since we became a part of Aarhus BSS as the then Institute of Business and Technology. With the new programme, we are a fully integrated part of the school and will be able to develop our own PhD profile. I hope that the new PhD programme will strengthen the department in future.”

Close collaboration with business community

The new PhD programme will give students the opportunity to conduct research into business development and engineering or the interface between the two fields. Furthermore, BTECH collaborates closely with the business community in its teaching as well as research, and this will also be an important part of the new PhD programme, says Associate Professor Torben Andersen. He is the chairman of the field committee and has also been one of the driving forces behind the programme:

“The new PhD programme is a recognition of our efforts to establish BTECH as a research-intensive organisation,” he says. “It’s a great milestone for us, and we have high expectations for it. The programme and the industrial PhDs that follow allow us further develop our excellent collaboration with the business community.”

The Vice-dean for Research Per Baltzer Overgaard is pleased that with the new programme BTECH is now organisationally on par with the other departments at the school:

“BTECH has succeeded admirably in strengthening the research capacity at the department, and the new PhD programme is the natural next step,” he says. “I look forward to following the programme and the close collaboration with the business community that it encourages”.

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