Digital2021: Data and business

On 21 September, Aarhus BSS will host the online conference Digital2021. This year, the topic is data – especially the relationship between data and business. The conference will be held on Zoom and present talks from researchers as well as business people.

[Translate to English:] Konferencen Digital2021 om sammenhængen mellem data og forretning
[Translate to English:] Grafik: Aarhus BSS Kommunikation og Eksterne Relationer

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Tuesday 21 September 2021,  at 14:00 - 17:00



The Internet of Things and datamining make it possible to gather large amounts of data. And computerised software algorithms make it possible to analyse and present these data. But the technological opportunities are only some aspects of this process, another is the organisational context.

Digital2021 focuses on how companies can utilise data on a strategic as well as practical level.

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