Economics and Management programme hailed

On Friday 28 October, the 75th anniversary of the Economics and Management programme was celebrated in style. It started with a professional event and was followed by a festive event. Staff and former staff of the Department of Economics and Business with their respective partners, alumni and students turned up in numbers to honour the programme. Read more and see all the pictures from the anniversary.


The main topic of the professional part of the event was the global financial and debt crisis. Torben M. Andersen, Professor and Deputy Head of Department, focused on the financial development over the past ten years. He was, among other things, critical of Anders Fogh Rasmussen for not listening to the economic experts in 2007 when they urged the government to tighten its fiscal policy because of an overheating of the economy.

Furthermore, the Department of Economics and Business had invited Jørgen Elmeskov, Deputy Chief Economist of OECD, and Sune Worm, Director of Nykredit to shed light on the topic. Their presentations were characterised by the Euro consensus on debt relief in Greece and a recapitalisation of the European banking system, which was reached a few days before the anniversary.

Answer back!
Economists’ role in the public debate was also on the agenda. Michael Svarer and Nina Smith, two of the department’s own professors, as well as Peter Mogensen, Director of the Kraka fund gave speeches on this topic.

Peter Mogensen urged the economists to be more direct and aggressive in the way they debate and respond to the press and politicians if they feel abused or misinterpreted.

- You have to speak the same language as them and be just as direct, was his advice.

Peter Mogensen from "Fonden for Kraka".

Dean Svend Hylleberg gives his speech

Festive speech
Turbinehallen was a pleasant venue for the party and its approximately 300 guests. The toastmaster Professor emeritus Ole Øhlenschlæger Madsen was busy introducing the many speeches and toasts. Svend Hylleberg, Dean of Business and Social Sciences, gave a speech full of anecdotes about the study, which he considers as his fourth child, he said.

Among other things, he told that when the study was founded in 1936, there were only 50 students. Much has happened since then. Today, the Economics and Management programme counts 1200 students and is affiliated with the Department of Economics and Business, which is the largest department at Business and Social Sciences, consisting of 130 academic and 24 administrative staff, 64 PhD students and 60 part-time academic staff.

Noble company
Svend Hylleberg suggested that the success of the Economics and Management programme is due to the combination of theory, empirical knowledge and practice – also for the future. Additionally, he drew attention to the fact that the Department of Economics and Business has employed two Nobel Prize winners, Trygve Haavelmoe from before World War II and later, Dale T. Mortensen, who is still employed at the Department of Economics and Business, Aarhus University.

Photos from the anniversary

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