Feedback from AMBA after their visit with BSS

After having visited BSS, the members of the AMBA panel indicated that they are highly impressed with the school’s strong emphasis on research and with the feedback from students, prospective employers and stakeholders. But the panel also calls attention to certain areas that need to be adjusted or restructured in order for BSS to fully live up to AMBA’s accreditation criteria.

2013.09.17 | BSS Kommunikation

On 11-12 September, BSS had a visit from the accreditation panel of the Association of MBAs (AMBA), an international body in charge of accrediting MBA programmes on a global scale.  The panel had praise for several aspects of the MBA programmes at BSS, but they also emphasised some structural factors that need to be adjusted in order for BSS to earn the accreditation, explains Dean Svend Hylleberg.

“It will take some time before we receive AMBA’s final assessment but, at this point, it seems clear that the AMBA accreditation will be delayed one year. The panel has identified few aspects that need to be addressed before they will recommend us for accreditation. The panel will therefore recommend putting the accreditation process on hold for one year in order to give us an opportunity to improve on these aspects. When this work is done, the panel will once again visit BSS and, if we are able to document that all challenges regarding the MBA programmes have been solved, they will recommend BSS for accreditation. The panel’s feedback was both applicable and constructive, and we are determined to work on solving the structural challenges, so that we may be submitted for accreditation next year,“ says Svend Hylleberg.

“The AMBA panel gave a lot of praise to the school’s faculty members and facilities as well as the fact that BSS assigns a high level of priority to research. Moreover, the panel reacted to the very positive feedback from our students and stakeholders. And for those reasons, we remain convinced that we have strong and applicable MBA programmes.  But we still need to improve on certain points, and this is what AMBA focused on,” he says.

Awaiting the final report
In the AMBA panel’s oral feedback to the executive team, they emphasised that BSS needs to improve on the structural framework surrounding the MBA programmes. The final written report from the panel members is expected within the next 10 weeks.

 “Right now we await the final written report from the AMBA panel. As soon as we have it, we will get started on strengthening the programmes according to the panel’s recommendations.  We will continue to strive towards earning the AMBA accreditation, which will be another building block in profiling BSS as an internationally acclaimed business school with study programmes of the highest standard,” says Svend Hylleberg and adds “I would like to thank the many staff members, students and partners who were involved in the process from the development of the accreditation report to the preparation and execution of the AMBA panel’s visit to the school.”

Emphasis on research and stakeholder feedback
Svend Hylleberg relates that the AMBA panel were impressed with the extent to which teaching at BSS is influenced by research.  The lecturers are rooted in strong research environments, and there is easy access to the latest research results. Moreover, the panel emphasised the constructive and positive feedback from the most important stakeholders - the students and the prospective employers.

Moreover, the AMBA panel attaches importance to the fact that Aarhus University is a top 100 university, and that BSS is ranked as number 59 on the QS World University Ranking.  The panel also consider it to be a strong point that the dean is a member of the university’s Senior Management Team, and that - in the panel’s own words - the school’s MBA students enjoy excellent teaching facilities.

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