Five advantages of the new Aarhus BSS website

Monday 25 January sees the launch of the new, which introduces a series of improvements. Here, we have listed the five most significant advantages of the new website compared to the old one.

2016.01.25 | ANDREAS JENSBY



When Aarhus BSS presses the launch button on Monday 25 January, the faculty will have a new and improved website at The website will continue to be tested and further developed after the launch as the people involved in the project have been working on a rather tight deadline.

However, the most important functions are in place, and here we have listed the five most important improvements:

1. People will get what they are looking for
An extensive analysis has uncovered what external visitors (people outside AU) are actually looking for at People mainly visit to find a specific degree programme, to get advice or guidance, or to find a specific person, department or building, etc. These elements are thus in focus on the new website. News items are less prominent on the new website as these are increasingly communicated and read on Aarhus BSS’ social media channels and on the departments’ own websites.

2. The site also works on mobile phones and tablets
The new website comes with a fully responsive design, which means that it works and looks good on all screen sizes – from smartphones and tablets to cinema screens (although it is not likely to be shown that often on this particular screen type).

3. All activities at Aarhus BSS are gathered in one place
Until now, the sites concerning the PhD programme, continuing education, alumni, career centre, etc. have not been part of In practise this meant that users were directed back and forth between various websites with different names and logos. This is no longer the case - at least not for the sites mentioned above. A new top navigation bar offers users quick and easy access to the topics they are looking for.

4. Now we are also visually a united and modern business school
The new website creates a professional framework around Aarhus BSS, which emphasises and strengthens the impression of a faculty which holds strong competences within research and education. Viewing the former through a self-critical lense, this website left quite a lot to be desired, and additionally, one of the demands from the accreditation institutions was that Aarhus BSS had to increase the visual representation of a united business school on the web and in all other written material.

5. Less and improved content makes for a faster website
As part of the project, the many thousands of Aarhus BSS pages are continuously being cleaned up. Pages are deleted and merged, texts are tightened, and any unnecessary content that has accumulated over the years is being given an overhaul. In a similar exercise at, the number of pages was reduced by 70 % without any of the sought-after content being lost. The clean-up job at will probably be less drastic, but the point remains the same: having fewer and improved pages increases the overview and reduces the downtime for everyone visiting our pages.

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