IFSK Killers win first Copa BSS

The unrivalled Jugo Politico once again came out on top when Fodboldfabrikken provided the facilities for the first Copa BSS, organised by the Aarhus BSS Staff Association.

2017.05.19 | Henrik Friis Bach

The winning team Lasse Nielsen, Jakob Tolstrup, Kristian Jensen, Henrik Seeberg and Andreas Albertsen from IFSK Killers.

After 24 intense matches between three teams from Political Science (IFSK Trump Busters, IFSK Killers and IFSK Young Boys), one from Economics and Management (Wall Street Fighters), one from Law (The Lawless) as well as two from the administration (Navision Lovers and The Bureaucrats), the decisive final match saw IFSK Killers and The Lawless clash during eight hard-fought minutes in what has gradually become known as an Ultra Classico between Law and Political Science.

Prior to the final, all teams had played each other with IFSK Killers and IFSK Trump Busters emerging as the two dominant teams with 15 points each for five wins and a single loss. The semi-finals featured IFSK Killers vs Wall Street Fighters as well as IFSK Trump Busters vs The Lawless. Killers won their semi-final with relative ease, while the semi-final between IFSK Trump Busters and The Lawless became the dramatic highlight of the evening. Trump Busters fell behind 2-0, but closed the gap with a strong final push only to lose the match in sudden death overtime.

The final between Killers and Lawless was a revenge match for the Killers, who had lost to Lawless in the very first match. However, in the final, Jugo Politico came out on top with a comfortable 5-2 victory, and as such the IFSK Killers could celebrate as the rightful winners of the first Copa BSS after an impressive seven straight wins and a strong performance throughout the tournament.

“It was a classic political and almost epic team victory - designed and organised by theorists, aesthetically carried out by practitioners. And the importance of the win was duly recognised after the match at the Dick Turpin Pub at Viby Torv, where the local regulars bowed their heads in respect of the performance,” says Lasse Nielsen from the winning team.



Staff, Aarhus BSS