More transparent research communication

A new set of guidelines is to ensure transparency in the popular research communication from AU. For this reason, communication officers at Aarhus BSS will use a new form when assisting researchers with press releases and the like.

2021.06.22 | Ida Marie W. Vilbæk

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Aarhus University has approved a set of new guidelines for responsible research communication to ensure transparency regarding matters such as external funding, conflicts of interest and similar aspects of the university’s research.

The guidelines are part of AU’s general focus on responsible conduct of research and freedom of research. The new guidelines will be relevant when writing press releases or other forms of external communication about new research findings.

An extension of existing practices at Aarhus BSS

At Aarhus BSS, the guidelines will primarily function as an extension of existing practices.

Going forward, Aarhus BSS Communication and External Relations will work to systematise these practices by using a special form when writing press releases or otherwise helping researchers communicate their work.

Researchers and other staff at the departments will benefit from knowing about the new guidelines, in particular employees with tasks related to popular research communication.

The guidelines have been presented to the senior management team and the research committee.

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