New backgrounds for online meetings and an updated email signature

Some staff members have requested professional backgrounds to use on Zoom or Teams during the many meetings that faculty staff members are currently participating in. For this reason, it is now possible to download a variety of official Aarhus BSS backgrounds for your online meetings. At the same time, we have updated the faculty email signature with a new EQUIS logo and you must download it anew.

2021.01.15 | Ida Marie Wøhlk Vilbæk

Blue background with Aarhus BSS design for online meetings

A professional image – even when working from home

The official Aarhus BSS backgrounds for online meetings help in displaying your faculty or department affiliation. They also help maintain a professional image when you participate in meetings from your home office.

The list of backgrounds holds a variety of different images and you can choose from blue backgrounds with Aarhus BSS or department designs as well as images of campus. The backgrounds are suited for both Zoom and Teams, and you will find instructions for setting them up on both platforms.

The backgrounds are particularly relevant when participating in an external meeting or representing your faculty or department in a formal context, but the choice of whether to use a background or not is yours.

Update your email signature

Aarhus BSS’ EQUIS accreditation was extended back in the fall and in that connection, we have updated the faculty email signature with a new version of the EQUIS accreditation logo. As a staff member, we ask you to please download and implement the new version of the email signature and help us maintain the professional image across Aarhus BSS.

You will find the materials here

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