New evaluation system at AU does not entail changes at Aarhus BSS

At the beginning of the semester, Aarhus University will replace its evaluation system. Going forward, the entire university will carry out course evaluations on a shared platform. Seeing as Aarhus BSS is the only faculty to already use the new system, this will not entail any changes at the school.

2021.08.24 | Ida Marie W. Vilbæk

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At the start of the new semester 2021, Aarhus University will implement a new shared platform (link) for course evaluations. However, the new evaluation system has already been in use for several years at Aarhus BSS. Here, course evaluations have been a focus area since 2014.

This means that AU’s new digital evaluation system affects neither the interface nor the evaluation practices for the school’s teaching staff. In future, you will simply need to log on via Brightspace, the new home of the evaluation feature now that Brightspace has replaced Blackboard.

Experience makes it possible to maintain local services

Whereas the rest of the university will receive central support for course evaluations in the new system, Aarhus BSS maintains its local services.

“We have used the system for many years, and so, we have decided to continue our local support to teaching staff at Aarhus BSS instead of handing this task over to the new central support unit at AU.  This is a viable option because we can draw on extensive experience with the system that is unavailable to the other faculties,” says Mustapha Ali El-Ahmad, team leader for the course evaluation unit at Aarhus BSS.

The university now shares an evaluation system

At Aarhus BSS, course evaluation became a focus area back in 2014. This created a need for a very flexible system which would support complex evaluations, allow many people to be involved in the evaluation process, and automatically send reports to teachers and management at the school. For this reason, the school decided to replace its platform several years ago.

Going forward, all of AU will share this platform and build on the technical set-up from Aarhus BSS – a decision that was made by consulting the provider as well as the course evaluation unit at the school. Should the need arise, the new shared system will allow AU to compare data from the entire university in order to arrive at an extensive cross-faculty overview of course evaluations.

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