New strategy for Aarhus BSS in 2021

During the first half of 2021, the faculty management team will prepare a draft of a new strategy, outlining the most important benchmarks for Aarhus BSS. Subsequently, the draft is submitted to a broad consultation.

2021.02.23 | Ida Marie Wøhlk Vilbæk

Department of Management

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In 2021, Aarhus BSS will get a new strategy to chart the course for the next five years. The new strategy is prepared in close continuation of the overall strategy of Aarhus University and aims at establishing a framework for actions and initiatives across Aarhus BSS’ six departments and faculty administration.

Important phases

First, the strategy draft is discussed and agreed upon in the faculty management team, who will then submit the draft to a broad consultation at the faculty. This makes it possible for the departments, administrative centre, board of studies, Academic Council, employer panels and students to comment on the draft.

  • Early spring: The faculty management team prepares a strategy draft
  • The draft is subsequently submitted to a broad consultation at the faculty
  • August: The faculty Advisory Board discusses the strategy
  • Start of semester: The consultation process is completed and the new strategy is in place

Focus areas and purpose

The strategy will be in effect from 2021-2025 and cover three areas: education, research and collaboration.

These areas are linked to the six core tasks that constitute the foundation of the overall strategy of Aarhus University. Among other things, the overall strategy describes how the most important task of the university is to supply society with well-educated graduates through research-based degree programmes of a high quality.

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