New interdisciplinary seminar on open science

A new series of seminars will place open science on the agenda for all interested researchers at Aarhus BSS. The aim is to discuss topics such as open access, open data and reproducibility across different disciplines and fields of research.

2021.04.13 | Ida Marie W. Vilbæk

The Aarhus Reproducibility and Open Science Seminar Logo

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Transparent and accessible knowledge shared through collaborative networks. This is the focal point of open science as conceptualised in a new series of interdisciplinary seminars.

The Aarhus Reproducibility and Open Science (AROS) Seminar aims at promoting discussion of some of the topics that currently shape and transform research standards and practices, including open access, open data, reproducibility and open peer reviews. Diversity and inclusion are also crucial aspects of transparent knowledge production and hence important topics in the new series of seminars.

“Our goal is to create a meeting place for all researchers at Aarhus BSS, who are interested in open science. Hopefully, joint discussions and the introduction of new tools will make it easier for the participants to conduct more open science,” says Janis Zickfeld, postdoc at Department of Management and one of the organisers behind the AROS Seminar.

“We also hope that the very opportunity to meet researchers with a diverse set of backgrounds and interests will impact the transparency of our knowledge environment and perhaps contribute to further opening up some of the research areas across Aarhus BSS. It will be interesting to see how issues and practices converge,” he continues.

International experts and a broad range of topics

The AROS Seminar is hosted by the new interdisciplinary Centre for Integrative Business Psychology (CIBP) and is open to all interested parties at Aarhus BSS, regardless of research discipline, department, or prior knowledge of open science.

The topics will vary from general framework discussions to specific methodologies, as is apparent from the first six seminars in the spring 2021. Due to COVID-19, the seminars will be held online, and this has provided the organisers with a special opportunity. Janis Zickfeld says:

“The online format makes it easier to participate for researchers outside of Aarhus University. We have taken this opportunity to invite a series of international experts to give talks at the seminars.”

Stefan Pfattheicher, centre director of CIBP, is pleased with the initiative:

“The open science movement is changing the way we conduct research. It is wonderful to see that researchers from Aarhus BSS and the Centre for Integrative Business Psychology are part of this necessary and inspiring movement.”

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