Research talents awarded grants of DKK 10.5 million

With a wide range of new projects, talented young researchers at Business and Social Sciences have attracted nearly one third of the postdoctoral grants this autumn from the Danish Council for Independent Research, Social Sciences. The total amount is DKK 10.5 million.

2011.11.18 | Daniel Jørgensen

This autumn, the Danish Council for Independent Research, Social Sciences (FSE), has received 82 applications for individual postdoctoral grants. A total of 22 grants have been awarded, of which seven have been awarded to research talents at Business and Social Sciences.

- There is no doubt that this is quite a large share. But more importantly, it indicates that we have a great deal of young talents who have the ability to compete for research funds, says Per Baltzer Overgaard, who is Vice-Dean for Research and Talent Development at BSS.

He stresses that if BSS is to meet the central strategic goals set by the university, it has to be number one in the country when it comes to attracting research funds.

Broad research

It is especially the research areas of economics, political science and law that have received grants, as these are the ones that typically seek funds from FSE.

Research is conducted into many different areas, ranging from why some people double their salary in ten years, while others actually earn less during the same period of time - through variable selection techniques in high-dimensional sets of data on economic issues - to the underlying mechanisms when a dictator in some cases is allowed to remain in power, while in other cases, he is knocked off his perch.

- It is important that all research directions are competitive and able to attract research funds, and BSS clearly satisfies these requirements, says Per Baltzer Overgaard.


The Danish Council for Independent Research, Social Sciences supports specific research activities based on researchers' own initiatives. The Council is part of the Danish Council for Independent Research and covers the following main disciplines: economics, sociology, political science and jurisprudence, as well as the societal aspects of a number of interdisciplinary areas.


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