Snapshots from a written exam under coronavirus restrictions

Every year, the exam in commercial law at the Department of Law gathers hundreds of students for three hours of written examination. This year, it took place under coronavirus restrictions.

2021.05.31 | Ida Marie W. Vilbæk

Written exam in commercial law at Fuglesangs Allé

Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo

Once again, exams have to be conducted on special terms this year. Some exams have been converted to an online format, whereas others are conducted on-site observing the current guidelines issued by the health authorities.

At the Department of Law, one of the major recurring exam events is the written exam in commercial law, where hundreds of students attend and complete three hours of written examination. This year, just over 400 students were registered for the exam in commercial law, which was held on-site Friday 28 May. In order to meet the precautionary measures to prevent infection with coronavirus, it was necessary to rethink the physical framework for the exam slightly.

For this reason, the exam was held at three separate locations: The S building at Fuglesangs Allé, the large rooms at Trøjborg, and selected rooms on Finlandsgade. Here, the students were placed at staggered intervals with appropriate distancing – on the floor area as well as the balconies – and had to use face masks and hand disinfectant when moving to and from their designated space.

All photos are from the S building at Fuglesangs Allé and are taken by Lars Kruse, AU Photo.

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