Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker IMAX 3D

Watch the new Star Wars movie in IMAX 3D. It'll be a great experience - and at a great price!

2019.10.30 | Sinne B. Jakobsen

Date Fri 20 Dec
Time 21:00 23:30
Location Cinemaxx, Bruuns Galleri, Aarhus

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The Staff Association is delighted to invite you to watch the new StarWars: The Rise of Skywalker in IMAX 3D.

Sign up for the ultimate film experience with your colleagues at a very special Christmas price. The event takes place on 20 December at 21.00 in CinemaxX, Bruuns Galleri.

Price: DKK 90 for members and DKK 145 for non-members. The tickets are normally DKK 185.

Please note: only one companion per member.

Sign up here.

Registration deadline: 5 December

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