Strengthen your entrepreneurship and discover new opportunities

The Kitchen’s spring programme 2021 contains a variety of entrepreneurial workshops that employees at Aarhus University can use to generate new opportunities for their research.

2021.03.09 | Ida Marie W. Vilbæk

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Do you want to apply your research in a commercial context? Would you like to improve your applications for funding? Do you lack the tools to spot and utilise alternative outlets for your ideas?

This spring, The Kitchen and Science for Society offer a number of free workshops open to all employees at Aarhus University. The workshops strengthen your entrepreneurial skill set and help you capture the commercial relevance and impact of your research and generate new opportunities for your projects.

Examples of workshops

  • Impact beyond Academia (19 March 2021)
  • Value Proposition (23 March 2021)
  • Merging Research and Entrepreneurship (24 March 2021)

The Kitchen also has a seven-week spinout programme called Validate Your Business Model.

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