Two PhD students receive travel scholarship

Kasper Vinther Olesen and Lukas Bach, both PhD students at the Department of Economics and Business, have each been awarded a travel scholarship of DKK 100,000 from the Aage and Yelva Nimbs Foundation.

2011.12.09 | Marianne Gammelgaard

Kasper Vinther Olesen was nominated for the scholarship because of his impressive results in the elite graduate programme International Master of Science in Quantitative Economics and because of his experience with energy markets and the financial challenges, which players in these markets face.

Lukas Bach has been awarded the scholarship for his impressive results in the Master’s degree programme in Logistics and for his insight into rail freight planning.

Research trip to North America
In Kasper Vinther Olesen’s research, which focuses on energy markets, he applies economic theories in order to analyse the risks that players face who are active in the electricity, coal, oil and gas markets.

Kasper Vinther Olesen is likely to spend the scholarship on a research trip to North America. Chicago is an obvious choice due to its status as the centre of the commodity and energy trading markets and because of its renowned universities and professors who are experts on energy markets. He also expects to spend some of the money on visiting the energy industry to keep tabs on the developments within the industry while conducting his research.

- The scholarship is very important. Now I can focus on the academic aspects rather than spending all my efforts applying for scholarships and grants. It’s really cool that I have been given the opportunity to show my research to the world, Kasper Vinther Olesen says.

Logistics research in Canada
Lukas Bach’s research focuses on route planning for freight trains with the aim of fully utilising the staff and trains. In order to make his research more realistic he has initiated a co-operation with Deutsche Bahn Scandinavia which supplies him with data from its freight trains which he can then use in a case study.

In February, he will start spending his travel scholarship as he leaves for Canada for six months where one of the leading professors in the logistics field will take him under his wing. With the scholarship, he will have the opportunity to participate in relevant conferences while studying in North America. In addition to his visit to Canada, he will travel to New Zealand which is home to a number of talented researchers in his field.

- I am very happy to receive this scholarship. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d get it, so it was obviously celebrated in style with a layer cake, as the tradition at the PhD office prescribes, says Lukas Bach.

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