U-days and practical training is a hit at BSS

A recruitment study from 2011 entitled “Dit Studievalg” (Your choice of study) shows that many students choose their degree programme after participating in u-days and practical training.

2012.03.15 | Marianne Gammelgaard

“Dit Studievalg” from 2011 shows that many students choose their future place of study after having participated in u-days and practical training. The reputation of AU and the lecturers is also an important factor, when future students choose their line of education.

The annual event u-days gives future students a chance to experience AU’s degree programmes at first hand through lectures, tours and meetings with lecturers, students and student counsellors. The study shows that u-days is a very significant initiative for potential students. As much as 66% gave the impression that u-days, to some extent, has had an influence on their decision. Practical training is offered to potential students and gives them an insight in the various degree programmes and the study life. Practical training is very popular in every field at BSS, where a total of 78% have said that it, to some extent, has played a part in their choice of degree programme.

Activities influence the intake positively
According to Peder Østergaard, Vice-Dean for Education at BSS, the study makes it possible to prioritise the recruitment work, because of the relatively good response rate. The study clearly indicates which recruitment activities work:

- We can see that u-days and practical training give the students a matching of expectations of their future degree programme, which works better than glittering brochures. The numbers indicate that activities in which the students have a chance to see how it is to be a student at the university has a positive impact on the intake, says Peder Østergaard and continues:

- The recruitment activities are obviously not the only important matters when they make a decision, but, to a great extent, they do have an impact.

Lecturers have a good reputation
The study clarifies the significance of AU’s reputation, when the students choose their degree programme. As many as 46% of the consulted students believe that the professional reputation of the lecturers is significant for them. BSS is ranked highly in comparisons to the other main academic areas. According to Peder Østergaard, the reason for the large number is presumably due to the fact that some of the most high-profile researchers and talented lecturers work at BSS.

- The numbers show that researchers in the social field are familiar for potential students, because they are often in the media, says Peder Østergaard.

The recruitment study “Dit Studievalg” is an annual study and part of Aarhus University’s quality system in the field of education. The study is initiated through a co-operation between the Recruitment Workgroup, AU Communication and The University Studies Office.


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