Web project moves into final phase

The process of creating new web platforms for departments, staff and students at BSS has now been completed. The next step is the final closure of the old platforms.

2012.03.22 | Marianne Gammelgaard

The process of establishing new websites for Business and Social Sciences is almost complete, and the content of the former SAM and ASB websites will now be moved to the new websites. Subsequently, focus will be on quality assuring the website content and enhancing usability.

According to the project manager of the web project at BSS, Rune Gamborg Ørum, 95% of the new web, i.e. department sites, staff sites and student sites, is now running reliably. This means that the responsibility for updating website content has been established, and the co-operation between the departments, AU Communication and the Study Administration is working properly.


Problems with personal data
There are still major problems in connection with PURE, which means that units and staff have incorrect titles, addresses and phone numbers. However, these problems are related to the so-called Identity Management project under AU IT, so they are not a result of the creation of the new websites.

- We have spent our time on ensuring that the websites are running reliably, which is a time consuming process. The next step is to close the old platforms and make sure that relevant, old information is moved to the new portals, says Rune Gamborg Ørum.

However, a number of areas still need to be clarified before the old portals can be permanently closed down. Among other things, the senior management team needs to decide on the profiling options on the portals in connection with the various research centres. This is expected to be ready before the end of this summer. A large number of centre websites under BSS will be converted into the new websites.


Awaiting the rest of the university
The other three main academic areas are currently working at ensuring the reliability of their new web portals. According to Rune Gamborg Ørum, they are waiting for the websites to be up and running, before the final closure of the old websites at ASB and SAM can begin.

- The final closure of the portals is a major task that involves a lot of people across AU Communication. It requires a great deal of resources and careful coordination with the individual units and their editors. We expect to complete the process at some point this summer, says Rune Gamborg Ørum.


For more information


Aase Bak, Head of Communications
AU Communication, Business and Social Sciences
Phone: +45 8715 2221 or +45 2183 4687
E-mail: ab@sam.au.dk  


Rune Gamborg Ørum,
Project Manager
AU Communication, Business and Social Sciences
E-mail: rgh@sam.au.dk
Phone: +45 8715 2193

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