Young AU researchers awarded large grants from Sapere Aude

Anders Bredahl Kock, Postdoctoral Scholar from the Department of Economics and Business and CREATES, is among the ten promising research talents from Aarhus University, who on Monday 19 December received generous sums of money from the research career programme Sapere Aude (Dare to know) under the Danish Council for Independent Research.

2012.01.05 | Anne Shirin Ørberg

The ten selected AU researchers will each receive a sum between DKK 2.1 million and DKK 2.8 million for their research. The grants are in the category of “Young Elite Researcher”, and researchers from each of the four main academic areas have received a grant. Anders Bredahl Kock from the Department of Economics and Business at BSS is one of the recipients of the Sapere Aude grant. A precise sum of DKK 2.378.920 will contribute to his further studies of the so-called oracle-efficient econometric modelling.

Grant creates opportunities
Anders Bredahl Kock is thrilled about the handsome amount of money which will give his project a professional boost:

- It gives me the opportunity to visit the best researchers within my field and thereby receive invaluable inputs and comments which can improve my research projects.

In addition, he explains that the grant will not only benefit himself as he intends to invite relevant researchers from abroad to Aarhus, where others will be able to gain insight into the field by participating in the PhD courses and seminars held by the guest researchers.

Oracle method will predict retirement age
The project is relevant for insurance companies and the economy in general. The objective of the applied part of Anders Bredahl Kock’s research is to predict when various sections of the Danish population retire by means of oracle-efficient estimators. Oracle-efficient econometric modelling is a specific way of identifying which – among many – potentially explanatory variables are to be included in the model.

- In other words, you will be able to estimate the parameters of the model with the same precision as if an oracle had told you which variables are relevant and which are irrelevant, hence the name, Anders Bredahl Kock explains.

Through this econometric “oracle”, Anders Bredahl Kock is able to find the needles in an otherwise confusing haystack of variables which may have an impact on when Danes retire. And now the project has received further support in the shape of approximately DKK 2.4 million.

Sapere Aude is a research career programme set out to support the most talented, young researchers, thus backing world-class Danish research. The ten projects selected at AU will receive more than DKK 28 million of the total of DKK 124 million which go to young elite researchers. This year, there were a total of 45 grants at stake.

Besides the grants that have just been awarded at postdoctoral scholar level, Sapere Aude awards money to associate professors in the “Head of Research” category and from 2012 also to professors in the “Top Researcher” category. The Latin title of the programme translates to ‘dare to know’.


Anders Bredahl Kock

Postdoctoral Scholar
Department for Economics and Business and CREATES
Tel: (+45) 87 16 52 73

Aarhus BSS