Collaboration with external co-examiners

All degree programmes at Aarhus BSS are assigned a body of external co-examiners.

Internal and external co-examiners serve to ensure the validity of the assessment and the student’s legal rights during the exam.

The director of studies informs the external co-examiners about academic regulations and examination schedules. In connection with the preparation of academic regulations and significant changes to current regulations, the board of studies must obtain comments from the external co-examiners about matters related to the assessment and examination system.

In connection with exams with an external co-examiner, the chairperson appoints co-examiners from among the body of external co-examiners. The lecturers can make objections in connection with exams regarding matters of impartiality, e.g. in connection with assignments written in collaboration with companies.

The annual reports of the body of external co-examiners are discussed by the boards of studies, and the head of department receives annual co-examiner reports about the department’s degree programmes. The chairmanship is responsible for holding co-examiner meetings.

The Vice-dean for Education receives annual co-examiner reports about the school’s degree programmes and participates in annual meetings with the chairmanships.