Educational organisation and development

The dean provides guidelines for the organisation and the development of teaching activities and administers possible strategic funds.

The board of studies is in charge of the quality assurance and quality development of the degree programmes and teaching activities, approving the learning objectives for individual courses and developing the degree programme’s overall learning objectives, so that the courses’ learning objectives and the degree programme’s qualification profile are in alignment, and that the student’s learning is supported to the greatest extent possible. The board of studies also approves the teaching plans.

The organisation of the degree programme and its elements takes place in close collaboration between the academic environments, the board of studies, the director of studies and the head of department. The director of studies engages in dialogue with the head of department regarding the assignment of teaching hours. The head of department is responsible for ensuring proper staffing and the appropriate proportion of teaching by researchers on the department’s degree programmes. Every course has a course coordinator, and the responsibility for the course (including the quality assurance of the course) always lies with an internal academic staff member, who conducts research within the field in question.

On degree programmes that branch across several departments, the programme committee advises the boards of studies and the department managing teams on the development of the programme, the course elements and the proper staffing of lectures.

The teaching staff must formulate clear and realistic learning objectives for the courses in accordance with the programme’s qualification profile and make the learning objectives clear to the students. The students’ achievement of the established learning objectives is facilitated through the organisation and implementation of appropriate forms of instruction and learning activities. Lecturers incorporate the most recent research within their field into their teaching and engage in dialogue with their colleagues about the teaching.

The students are expected to put a significant and responsible work effort into their education and the teaching activities offered. The students’ comments and general feedback on the teaching are included in the development of teaching activities.

The practical organisation of the teaching activities is handled by the Aarhus BSS Studies Administration, which publishes the teaching plan and timetables for the individual degree programmes on the relevant platforms.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning offers research-based counselling and advice for the academic environments, the board of studies and the management on teaching development, including didactic choices in the course administration and planning, alignment between teaching and exams, study progression and implementation of Educational IT.

Teaching evaluations form the basis for the assessment and possible adaptation of the individual courses and the programme as a whole.