Evaluation and development of existing degree programmes

The dean has the overall responsibility for the ongoing development of the existing degree programmes.

In collaboration with the head of department and the board of studies, the director of studies is responsible for developing the degree programme so that the quality and relevance of the programme are ensured. As a result, the director of studies handles the implementation of new initiatives. Depending on the nature of the development initiative, relevant heads of department and academic environments are included in the development.

The systematic follow-up on whether the degree programmes are being developed satisfactorily takes place via the annual status review meetings and the degree programme evaluations.

Other sources for identifying the need and inspiration for the degree programme development include:

  • Teaching evaluations
  • Ongoing feedback from lecturers and the academic environments
  • Feedback from employers/employer panel
  • Feedback from co-examiners
  • Ongoing feedback from students
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