Framework for degree programme development

The values, strategic objectives and guidelines for degree programmes at Aarhus BSS are determined by the Dean’s Office after involving the school management, board of studies and the Aarhus BSS School Board of Studies and on the basis of counselling from the Advisory Board.

The Vice-dean for Education is responsible for fulfilling the school's strategic objectives for education and for ensuring their contribution to AU’s strategy for education in adherence with strategic objectives in other areas. The departments are responsible for the strategic development of their degree programmes in adherence with the research conducted at the departments, and for contributing to the achievement of the school’s overall strategy and objectives. The department head engages in dialogue with the board of studies, the director of studies and possibly an employer panel regarding these matters.

The focal point of the systematic work on the degree programme development within the overall strategic objectives is the annual status review and the degree programme evaluations. In addition, an ongoing development of the degree programmes takes place in the boards of studies in dialogue with the departments.